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Hill, M., Biggs, J., Thornhill, I., Briers, R. A., Gledhill, D. H., White, J .C., Wood, P. J., Hassall, C. (2016) Urban ponds as an aquatic biodiversity resource in modified landscapes. Global Change Biology (in press)

Loiselle, S., Thornhill, I., Bailey, N. Citizen science: advantages of shallow versus deep participation. Frontiers in (submitted)

Thornhill, I., Loiselle, S., Lind, K., Ophof, D. (2016) The Citizen-Science Opportunity for Researchers and Agencies. Bioscience (view)

Thornhill, I., Sampson, D., Newell, S. Targeting net-gains in biodiversity through the development control process. (in prep.)

Thornhill, I., Batty, L., Friberg, N., Ledger, M. Changes to a pond network across a UK conurbation over 105 years, the causes and implications for freshwater biodiversity. (in prep.)

Thornhill, I., Batty, L. Death, R., Friberg, N., Ledger, M., Local and landscape scale determinants of macroinvertebrate assemblages and their conservation value in ponds across an urban land-use gradient. Biodiversity and Conservation (in review)

Thornhill, I. (2013) The Research Derby; a potentially important tool for bridging interdisciplinary boundaries. Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 6:49-51. (view)

Baker, A., Thornhill, I., Carstea, E., Robinson, G., Reynolds, D. M. (2009) The use of excitation and emission matrix fluorescence for monitoring ecological health in urban waters. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2009 .

Thornhill, I., Ledger, M., Batty, L., Baker, A. (2009) The Urban Pond and Threats to Human and Environmental Health. Proceedings of the Universitas 21 International Graduate Research Conference: Sustainable Cities for the Future, Universities of Melbourne & Brisbane, 29th November to 5th December 2009. (view)


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