Our planet has entered a period of unprecedented global change. Human population growth and consequent climate change and land-use intensification have dramatically changed the face of the planet driving the extinction of many species and endangering the future of others. Yet, we derive countless benefits from the environment and, whilst human society has been the predominant cause of such global issues, we can also be the solution.

Welcome to my site!

Hi, and thanks for visiting. I am a researcher, lecturer and practitioner based at Bath Spa University, UK. Maybe, like me, you have always had a an innate interest in the environment. Personally, this interest stemmed from a love for fishing, but perhaps as a teenager I didn’t appreciate how the state of the environment played a huge part in my enjoyment and the quality of fish I caught. Now, having worked and carried out ecological research across the sectors, my love for fishing has evolved to a much wider appreciation of the world in which we live, and with which we interact in so many ways for better, and for worse.

Please feel free to take a look around and see my current research and collaborations across the fields of ecosystem functioning, urban ecology, public engagement and sustainability. If you have any questions, or share similar research interests, please do not hesitate to email me.