Birmingham Thinktank – Wild About Birmingham

ThinktankThanks to the Predictor Podcast produced through the Ideas Lab intiative (see my previous blog) I was contacted to assist the Ignite, ‘Young People’s Forum’, Wild About Birmingham exhibition as part of the British Ecological Societies Festival of Ecology along with fellow University of Birmingham colleagues Professor Rob MacKenzie and Dr. Emma Rosenfeld. The participating students, all pupils at schools and colleges from the Birmingham region collaborated to produce a series of posters about various aspects of the cities urban wildlife, from canals to ponds, farmland to greenspace. The students then toured with the posters around five localities as well as the Thinktank itself between the 29th June and 7th August 2013. To their absolute credit, the exhibit reached 2,968 people! Many thanks go to Lynsey Fairweather and Kenny Webster at the Thinktank. Some further coverage of the event as a whole can be found here through the Thinktanks own blog, written by Lynsey (view).

IMG_0894 IMG_0895 IMG_0935


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